“Making a living by breathing!”

The Empire Builder:



It can’t be that simple, I thought, as I learned about using affiliate links to produce an income. All I have to do is breathe! I don’t need clothes, furniture a car or a roof! I can still post links! I can be on the train from Seattle to Skaneateles or stopping In Chesterton Indiana before continuing to New York State. I can be watching the market, watching TV or watching the weather and still post links. Incidentally; the trip from Seattle to Skaneateles is two days and seventeen hours not counting the stop in NW Indiana. I would have plenty of time to post links, check my accounts for posting fees and enjoy many miles of breathtaking scenery !  From Skaneateles I should fly to NY, NY for there too is a precious contingent of my family! Then on to Indianapolis, my home, where all my children are, all while posting links at my leisure. 

I’m still new to affiliate fees. Eventually I will post a “how to” article for those who are getting started. I will have evaluated Word Press by then. At the moment I think that will be a positive assessment! The trip around the US to visit my family may not seem exotic or touristy. To me, being able to enjoy my retirement and see my relatives without going into debt is a treasure that I have been waiting and hoping for. All I have to do is breathe! 

Love to all!

Harry Shawn Watson


The Hawk and the Flock

The hawk and the flock exist as predator and prey.  The hawk depends on a consensus of fear within the flock. The fear of being devoured alive makes the flock gather in a large defensive group.  The strategy might be that fleeing the talons of the hawk in great numbers makes the choice of an individual difficult.  This strategy works well for the hawk, whose brain is larger, whose flight skills are greater and whose strategy is nearly flawless.

The hawk in this case is the airtight, no debate allowed, mind numbing insistence that whoever speaks the same words and concepts that is heard from the US leftist media and the Democratic party, Its all true no debate allowed, not only must you use the same words, you must feel the same as the dogmatic preaching you hear in person, in a group, or whoever thinks that fear is a more effective form of influence than any other method ever devised, used by totalitarian nations throughout history!

Content pending!

“The drowning machine, here’s how it works at “Low head dams!”

Sadly in my home state of Indiana 10% of drowning deaths are people who are trapped in the deadly negative current of a “Low head dam”. Nationwide 340 people have fallen victim to the drowning machine since 1980. Low head dams are designed to maintain the water levels during the dry months so that fish and plants are not trapped in dry sections of a river. The construction of one of these dams is simply a large concrete barrier stretching from one bank to the other. The height of this wall of concrete is essential for the average annual water level. When the water level is low there may be absolutely no water flowing over the concrete. Or there may be a few inches of water flow. Once someone has seen the dam in this non threatening state, it’s easy to conclude that there is no danger.

On another occasion this same person without knowledge of the mechanism that is; “The drowning machine”, may fall victim to its awesome power. It’s important to know that most explanations given to the public, in the media, and on the warning signs posted near these dams, are wholly inadequate. There is mention of circular currents and a graphic of a swimmer being tumbled around in the swirling water in the “boil”. It almost looks like fun. It almost seems that the wrong mentality could dismiss these imprecise depictions as a challenge. It may even be a coming of age moment for some, a time to rise to the challenge and prove to all those overly cautious adults that this can be conquered!

Here’s how it works! 

Water weighs about 8.6 pounds per gallon. That’s about 62.2 pounds per cubic ft. The water spilling over that concrete dam is falling as fast as the water at the surface above the dam. It’s falling almost as fast as gravity would take it toward earth. No human can oppose the weight, speed and force of that falling water. Objects at the surface of the boil can stay afloat only if they have enough buoyancy and if they are not submerged far enough for the force of the falling water to act on them. A boater may actually pass the bow of a boat over the spill and into the boil. There may be a short time where it seems like the boat will simply drift over the boil. The falling water creates a negative force on the surface downstream from the dam. This negative force draws a boat or a boater back to the boil to be forcefully swamped and or submerged. A boat trapped in the boil may stay on the surface for a short time. Eventually the boat’s long axis becomes parallel to the boil. The boat is unavoidably drawn sideways into the boil where the falling water can easily swamp the boat. The boaters then are at the mercy of the drowning machine. Even with a life preserver, it’s possible to be submerged and taken to the bottom of the river. From there, if you have your wits about you, you might find that the water has fallen as far as it will. As the water falls to the river bottom it then flows downstream. It may be possible to push downstream and maybe even surface. Then as you surface you realize that the boil is again pulling you back toward the spill. And this will repeat as long as you are in the water. Moving water possesses no heat energy so you would be cold and getting colder and more susceptible to hypothermia. Without a flotation device you would be circulated in the boil for longer periods of time and more likely to inhale water, causing drowning immediately. Drowning occurs if you inhale water. You may be conscious or unconscious it matters not. The water in your lungs goes rapidly into your bloodstream, engorging blood cells causing them to burst by the millions. Blood continues to circulate widening the range of damaged cells. The ruptured blood cells don’t carry oxygen anymore so your body and brain suffocate. And you will have spent the last moments of your life in unimaginable fear.

Of all the water craft I’ve seen in photographs caught at a low head dam. Pontoon boats seem to stay afloat in the boil. That doesn’t mean that the boaters weren’t thrown into the boil by the violent rocking near the spill. V-hull speed boats tend to be stuck or damaged above the boil. If they get in the boil they too can be swamped. Canoes and kayaks are the most common on the small rivers where low head dams would be. Portage around the drowning machine is always the best course of action.

The video below was chosen because it only shows a log in the perilous boil. See how the log even though buoyant gets circulated by the current as if it’s a toy.

Pretend for a moment that the log is a person trying to stay afloat on the surface of the water! It is possible to stay afloat but the current will pull a swimmer back to the boil. Once there the force of the water falling over the dam will submerge you. That can be scary, it should be! As the surface water pulls you back to the boil you need to plan your escape! Struggling against the current will not get you out of danger! As frightening as this can be, you must do the following! Let the surface water pull you toward  the boil. Make sure you are prepared to hold your breath when the boil pulls you down to the bottom. You can still get away from this current but you must wait for the right time to escape. At the boil you will feel the currents pulling you down, you are two steps from escaping! As you descend keep you hands close to your face and you arms close to your chest to protect you from limbs and rocks. Once you hit bottom you are one step from escaping! The current will then pull you along the bottom and downstream! If you surface too early the boil will circulate you again! You must wait until the current is pulling you up and you must push downstream and toward the surface at a shallow angle. I have seen this work on film. If unsuccessful and you are are being pulled back to the boil, you need to prepare another attempt! It’s tempting to shoot for the surface too soon but you MUST wait until you can forcefully push downstream and up toward the surface  at a shallow angle!  Get out of the water as soon as you can! Hypothermia and exhaustion can set another trap for you! 

Amazing Grace!

What would you say about a woman who you’ve known for about a year who has kept an amazing secret. Her secret has been kept by never showing a lack of energy, a lack of effort, a lack of caring, concern, regard or responsibility! (Grace) not her given name, is one of about fifteen million people in the United States with a cancer diagnosis. (Grace) is a server in a very popular restaurant. I’ve been there once or twice a week for about a year. I’m not always seated in her section but I’m always glad when I am. The other servers are wonderful as well but I’m not sure any of them have a worrisome diagnosis on the horizon. So to the compliments I have already bestowed on this amazing woman, I must add; stoic (with a smile) and heroic! I have no doubt that her co-workers would agree with my opinions. There will likely be an addition to this article. Before I edit I must speak with (Grace) she obviously gave me permission for the photo. HSW

Today 07/24/19, I gave Diana Collins this short premise of an article about her amazing strength and what her future looks like through her eyes.

My journey through “ecom”!

My modest upstart in the world of Internet marketing has been interesting, frustrating and so far bears little fruit! Why on Earth would I thoroughly enjoy Blogging?

One of my first topics “Amid Northern Lights, A Rising Star” was about my amazing daughter, her chosen degree / profession and passion. Blogging is a great way to express your feelings, tell your story, and establish trust among other likely subjects of an article or podcast. Emelie; my mothers namesake, is pictured above, with me at Cracker Barrel the week of her 21st birthday. I have no shortage, as you will find in future articles, of fascinating people to feature. Once I tasted the sauce of knowing that anyone in the world may see whats written I respect and appreciate the medium, the opportunity and the humility required to be accurate, honest and appreciative of anyone willing to permit me to publish their story! As of today 03/16/19 this will be the only food at this feast. I will continue this writing soon. I will publish today so this modest beginning is visible. More later, chow! OR Going for chow now C U LATER.

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Harry Shawn Watson

Medic retired

Amid Northern Lights, A Rising Star!

This angel has barely left her teens behind, traveled in two hemispheres, doing charity work for orphaned children, vocalized many genres of music since learning to walk! Emelie Watson: A voice of clarity, purity and passion, a winning, even disarming smile, that draws friends and strangers near, a face that invites conversation and conquers concerns and fears!

To her music she brings an impressive toolbox of range and vocal skills, a singing ethic and energy that current stars possess and an apparent joy in sharing her gift!

In Minneapolis she has been inspired by the Northern Lights, the winter weather since learning to ski in Indiana and Michigan and her pursuit of a degree in Music Production! A proud Father recalls an emotional moment in church one spring day :

Em was already up by the alter. The congregation was silent. As the piano began I was drawn into a pleasant place. My Em was about to sing. I was calm. I had heard her sing before and even though time had passed I was expecting her sweet voice to add her unique sound to the song to be played.So many pleasant feelings were rushing around in my head.

It was a gorgeous spring day and the suns brilliance was streaming through the stained glass. The breeze was moving a shadow of  branches and leaves of over the beautiful colors. I was in the company of church friends and my precious three youngest children.

The piano intro was indicating that I would soon hear Emelie. As I focused only on her I was proud to see how calm she was. The Very first note was a vocal lightning strike, a loud crack of thunder that brought my prideful emotions to a boil. Church is one of the few places that I can let emotions show. I felt as if that lightning went straight down my spine!

My eyes puddled with tears, I’m sure I blushed as I suddenly felt very warm. I bowed my head to thank God for such a joyful creature as my oldest daughter and for music, a gift for the soul!

These reactions were spread over an entire millisecond. I sat down to wipe my eyes and with each successive note I was filled with pride for the clarity, confidence and strength in Emelie’ voice! I don’t recall the name of the song. I know i will react when I hear it again!

I sincerely hope that Emelie’ gift brings joy to others in the same measure I received that day!

And I declare that her talent and natural ability did not begin with me. Her love of music and resulting mastery is to the credit of her Mother, Grandmother, Grandfather and aunts Lindsay and Katie. God is smiling on all of you!


Daddy aka Harry Shawn Watson. Medic retired

author: hswatson





United States Marine Corps “Bolt Action” Commemorative “50 Caliber” Pens !

United States Marine Corps Commemorative Bolt Action Pen(s)

The man offering these pens is a Marine Corps veteran of the war in Viet Nam 1967-1969. The portion he makes is crafted on a lathe in his home workshop in Seattle Washington. The proceeds are contributed to Veterans causes like purchasing Automated Defibrillators for VFW posts around the world in case of a sudden cardiac arrest. Patrons of VFW who are trained in CPR and the use of the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) may save the life of a veteran while Paramedics and Firefighters are on the way! CPR along with the use of the (AED) can improve the chance of survival of a veteran in cardiac arrest. This pen with its large diameter and beautiful Rosewood barrel will remind you of those who served and sacrificed. The design replicates a 50 caliber round and its size and weight make it a “handful” that you will remind you of the enduring character of our Armed Forces. Keep in mind your comrades and relatives who served,when deciding the quantity to purchase.


“Saving a life out in the Atlantic!”

Our employer, the co owner of AID Ambulance in Indianapolis, created a behavior mod program offering the use of a motor home as incentive. The objective: improve our paperwork and our adherence to company policies. The plan worked well. Every employee suddenly improved their attitude toward the complex pile of paper that accompanied each patient transport. We all wanted to have the intended reward; the use of the motor home for three days. What we failed to realize was that our part of the process was only the beginning. The staff of five ladies in the front office, including the bosses wife, did the remainder of the hard work to turn our paperwork into a payable claim, long before computer processing was available.

Ten seconds after the offer was made I knew we had to make a customized plan. I knew that we did not want to be the second (group) to claim the prize. The first group might spoil it for everyone, if they did something weird (like we were about to do) But no one had yet mentioned a group using the GMC.  I’m sure the boss thought that someone with a small family would pick a weekend and go to a state park 50 miles away, park in a campsite and the Contest prize would get a weekend of gentle use. Well……Everyone had waited for the good behavior period to pass. We had all anticipated the calendar to be posted for everyone to reserve their three days. The great news was the incentive motivated the EMT and Paramedic crews to accurately complete their paperwork which improved processing and reimbursement times. For that we were thanked and congratulated and it improved the temperament of the front office personnel. Everybody wins! However, skulduggery was afoot! And I was the perpetrator!

Our secretly planned nine day trip! Nobody suspected what we had conspired to do! We simply stacked our names on consecutive days on the calendar.

Gently driving the GMC did not exclude switching drivers while on the highway. It felt so natural to us to do something that most people would consider risky.  While traveling we cooked, used the restroom and switched drivers at our leisure. And it was one of the keys to our quick drive time there and back. Nineteen hours from Indy to Fort Lauderdale a motor home with five friends, eighty gallons of gas, no reason to stop to eat, food was prepared on the way and no rest stops needed!

Changing drivers while moving to expedite the trip! 

We all worked in EMS. We were all Paramedics and began as EMT’s and as such did a lot of emergency driving. Every month there were dozens, sometimes  hundreds of runs per week, many of which were emergencies that required us to “Expedite”!  (Lights and siren) In addition we worked in a GMC motor home that had been expertly converted to an ambulance. So even though we had driven that special ambulance as if it was a giant Go- Cart, we knew we had to be gentle with this vehicle.  

Few people we worked with knew that we were combining our days, including management and owners. On departure day we all stepped into the GMC. We drove out of the garage into the alley that lead to Meridian Street. There stood the owner who generously offered the incentive program. No matter what he was about to feel, the incentive worked and accomplished the goal. He was likely, not prepared for what he saw next. He knew that someone was leaving with the G.M.C Motor home. He may have intended to say a few words of caution and urge kind and careful driving for his “baby”. He just didn’t know ALL of us were leaving at the same time. He gets credit for being intelligent. He recognized our plan as soon as he saw us, all five of us departing, his eyes dropped , his shoulders slumped. He asked where we were going. After a noticeable silence someone blurted out “FLORIDA!” It was difficult to gauge his reaction as a break in traffic gave us immediate access to a right turn onto Meridian Street! POOF we were GONE before any further questions.  We went straight to Mike’s house first for the dive gear.  Mike had a box of 8 track tapes, 96 to be exact, that would serve as our; “in flight entertainment.”

As we left Mike’s driveway he was at the wheel, he lit a cigarette and shoved “Born to be wild” in the 8 track! That set the tone for the entire trip! The music made the trip fly by! Some of those days the music was on 24 hours! Driving to Florida was a thrill knowing we didn’t have to hurry, we didn’t need to stop and that meant plenty of time to enjoy The Sunshine State!

When we reached Fort Lauderdale, in a little over 19 hours, I felt we were obligated to go to a great “sports bar” that I had visited with a friend ( Joe Humkey) the previous year. “It’s on the causeway”, a stranger told us. It’s full of beautiful girls and two for one drinks. As it turns out there are a thousand things that can be described as “On the Causeway”  Even from a distance though “Buttons” bar seemed to scream to men ; “Here’s Da Girls!” it was easy to find !

But that was last year! It didn’t look right!

I was in the drivers seat when we arrived at “The Button” bar was the new name. It was immediately apparent that the bar had changed hands and was a “Gentlemens Club” now! I immediately tossed the GMC into REVERSE!! The back up alarm sounded, as it should. The sound attracted an employee, seen bursting out of the nearest door. As I started cranking the wheel to back around and to my  right a car pulled in behind us . Someone in the car behind us began honking just as “Martin” stuck his head through the tiny sliding window of the GMC! ” HI GUYS, THIS IS SOO BIG”; referring to the Jimmy! In a flash my friends on this years trip began questioning ; “I thought you said this was a strip bar !” ” What did you and Joe REALLY do on your trip last year?” ” Yeah, I bet you went diving!” ” Did you go to Largo or just stay here?” “The truth was going to come out sooner or later!” “Congratulations to you and Joe, much happiness!” So I whipped the wheel to the left and moved my foot from the brake while Martin was still welcoming us to “The Button” and the car behind us was still honking! We are now inching forward and left with Martin’ head still in a window small enough to be a “noose”! One more cut right and in reverse! Martin is suggesting we come back soon and I was wishing we had a siren to make some space to continue on our trip to Key Largo. We got right back on the road. We slept in a parking lot by Air Force Beach arriving at 02:30 end of day one! 

We were all accustomed to short nights like most folks in EMS / Fire service. We were back on the road at first light. Key Largo, our intended destination, is more or less a days drive down the majority of the length of Florida. But being playful to a fault we couldn’t resist the tennis court that suddenly popped into view on the west side of Highway One! Now we also noticed that the courts were attached to a really nice hotel! No problem! We changed into some nice clothes grabbed our tennis rackets, which of course were mandatory for a scuba diving trip! We acted like Chevy Chase in “Fletch” posing as guests we got everything we could get from the hotel staff for free! The Chase movie “Fletch” was produced two years after our trip! Watching Chevy goof around in that film made me think he got his movie idea from us! We didn’t really or actually get any item for free but with the promise of “We are checking in later” we had the staff delivering food and drink to the pool or court as if we were foreign dignitaries! After abusing our privileges long enough we got back “On the Road Again” which was one of the few songs we did NOT have on Mikes 96 8 track tapes! “The road goes on forever and the party never endscould have also been about us! As we depart to the south for our holy grale (scuba diving off the coast of Key Largo) we have no regrets of spending a day of pure tomfoolery. We have the motorhome for nine days and we can only dive one day. So off we go into the approaching evening! I thoroughly enjoyed THAT day but to THIS day I still can’t play tennis without launching the ball over the nearest building, we had a weeks worth of laughs being the biggest GOOFBALLS ! But then again we needed that R and R. We had all been in EMS for a decade!

A tool, for everyone to share over the Earth!

A tool, for everyone, to share over the Earth  

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Harry Shawn Watson

Medic retired