“Making a living by breathing!”

It can’t be that simple, I thought, as I learned about using affiliate links to produce an income. All I have to do is breathe! I don’t need clothes, furniture a car or a roof! I can still post links! I can be on the train from Seattle to Skaneateles or stopping In Chesterton Indiana before continuing to New York State. I can be watching the market, watching TV or watching the weather and still post links. Incidentally; the trip from Seattle to Skaneateles is two days and seventeen hours not counting the stop in NW Indiana. I would have plenty of time to post links, check my accounts for posting fees and enjoy many miles of breathtaking scenery !  From Skaneateles I should fly to NY, NY for there too is a precious contingent of my family! Then on to Indianapolis, my home, where all my children are, all while posting links at my leisure. 

I’m still new to affiliate fees. Eventually I will post a “how to” article for those who are getting started. I will have evaluated Word Press by then. At the moment I think that will be a positive assessment! The trip around the US to visit my family may not seem exotic or touristy. To me, being able to enjoy my retirement and see my relatives without going into debt is a treasure that I have been waiting and hoping for. All I have to do is breathe! 

Love to all!

Harry Shawn Watson


One thought on ““Making a living by breathing!”

  1. hswatson August 2, 2017 / 4:32 am

    I think this is a beautiful story and I have gotten to know the author and he is a wonderful soul. I know his dreams and wishes will all come true. He will become a millionaire. May all his dreams come true.All my heart. 1023 true friend.

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