Amid Northern Lights, A Rising Star!

This angel has barely left her teens behind, traveled in two hemispheres, doing charity work for orphaned children, vocalized many genres of music since learning to walk! Emelie Watson: A voice of clarity, purity and passion, a winning, even disarming smile, that draws friends and strangers near, a face that invites conversation and conquers concerns and fears!

To her music she brings an impressive toolbox of range and vocal skills, a singing ethic and energy that current stars possess and an apparent joy in sharing her gift!

In Minneapolis she has been inspired by the Northern Lights, the winter weather since learning to ski in Indiana and Michigan and her pursuit of a degree in Music Production! A proud Father recalls an emotional moment in church one spring day :

Em was already up by the alter. The congregation was silent. As the piano began I was drawn into a pleasant place. My Em was about to sing. I was calm. I had heard her sing before and even though time had passed I was expecting her sweet voice to add her unique sound to the song to be played.So many pleasant feelings were rushing around in my head.

It was a gorgeous spring day and the suns brilliance was streaming through the stained glass. The breeze was moving a shadow of  branches and leaves of over the beautiful colors. I was in the company of church friends and my precious three youngest children.

The piano intro was indicating that I would soon hear Emelie. As I focused only on her I was proud to see how calm she was. The Very first note was a vocal lightning strike, a loud crack of thunder that brought my prideful emotions to a boil. Church is one of the few places that I can let emotions show. I felt as if that lightning went straight down my spine!

My eyes puddled with tears, I’m sure I blushed as I suddenly felt very warm. I bowed my head to thank God for such a joyful creature as my oldest daughter and for music, a gift for the soul!

These reactions were spread over an entire millisecond. I sat down to wipe my eyes and with each successive note I was filled with pride for the clarity, confidence and strength in Emelie’ voice! I don’t recall the name of the song. I know i will react when I hear it again!

I sincerely hope that Emelie’ gift brings joy to others in the same measure I received that day!

And I declare that her talent and natural ability did not begin with me. Her love of music and resulting mastery is to the credit of her Mother, Grandmother, Grandfather and aunts Lindsay and Katie. God is smiling on all of you!


Daddy aka Harry Shawn Watson. Medic retired

author: hswatson