Amazing Grace!

What would you say about a woman who you’ve known for about a year who has kept an amazing secret. Her secret has been kept by never showing a lack of energy, a lack of effort, a lack of caring, concern, regard or responsibility! (Grace) not her given name, is one of about fifteen million people in the United States with a cancer diagnosis. (Grace) is a server in a very popular restaurant. I’ve been there once or twice a week for about a year. I’m not always seated in her section but I’m always glad when I am. The other servers are wonderful as well but I’m not sure any of them have a worrisome diagnosis on the horizon. So to the compliments I have already bestowed on this amazing woman, I must add; stoic (with a smile) and heroic! I have no doubt that her co-workers would agree with my opinions. There will likely be an addition to this article. Before I edit I must speak with (Grace) she obviously gave me permission for the photo. HSW

Today 07/24/19, I gave Diana Collins this short premise of an article about her amazing strength and what her future looks like through her eyes.