Amazing Grace!

What would you say about a woman who you’ve known for about a year who has kept an amazing secret. Her secret has been kept by never showing a lack of energy, a lack of effort, a lack of caring, concern, regard or responsibility! (Grace) not her given name, is one of about fifteen million people in the United States with a cancer diagnosis. (Grace) is a server in a very popular restaurant. I’ve been there once or twice a week for about a year. I’m not always seated in her section but I’m always glad when I am. The other servers are wonderful as well but I’m not sure any of them have a worrisome diagnosis on the horizon. So to the compliments I have already bestowed on this amazing woman, I must add; stoic (with a smile) and heroic! I have no doubt that her co-workers would agree with my opinions. There will likely be an addition to this article. Before I edit I must speak with (Grace) she obviously gave me permission for the photo. HSW

Today 07/24/19, I gave Diana Collins this short premise of an article about her amazing strength and what her future looks like through her eyes.

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Retired from EMS, I served 26 years. There are many experiences I will purposely not write about! "Ready for prime time" is hard to find on the streets of indianapolis and other Indiana towns. Humorous or unusual is readily available! This blog won't be about EMS, now that I'm away from those highs and lows, which cause a sort of mental "fibrillation" I'm ready and willing to experience a mental sine wave while traveling, eating and prospering! I'm new to blogging and ecommerce which means I'm in the basket of deplorables called entrepreneurs (who aren't yet successful). If this was a journey through a university degree my status would be; freshman pursuing Associate degree in wiffle ball and an elective activity called journalism. I don't take myself seriously but my thoughts, memories and curiosity take me very seriously, poking me in the ribs every time I set out to describe something that, or someone who fascinates me! I have many interests and issues that I care deeply about. I don't want to be political on this blog I would rather discuss politics with my friends who have a wide variety of views. I debate with my friends knowing that even if we differ we will still be friends. But I will not pass up an opportunity to write about someone who has served all of us with distinction in some large or small matter. Luckily I have realized that I don't meet fascinating people by mistake!

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