My background is in EMS! Many years, thousands of responses, tens of thousands of encounters with people during runs, working in most hospital settings, working with Fire service, Law enforcement,  helicopter and fixed wing transports, technical rescues and special events. I helped dozens of people become Paramedics, hundreds become EMT’s and thousands to learn CPR.

So this departure from my time in the field and classroom gives me the chance to write more often, fly out the door less often and drink just as much coffee as ever. Now I can cut the caffeine at noon and actually sleep through the night. Good or bad, none of those experiences are lost, misplaced or gone! I have three categories of professional treasure, one where I did everything I could ! The other category; where everything worked!  The two are of equal importance! As important; the tremendous people I worked with!

My pursuit of the internet, I admit, is commercial yet I have social, charitable and environmental plans for my enterprise. I still need an income to reach my intended age. I’ll know when to do more of nothing than I sometimes do now!

All the best to anyone reading this.

Harry Shawn Watson. 08/01/2018




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