Amazing Grace!

What would you say about a woman who you’ve known for about a year who has kept an amazing secret. Her secret has been kept by never showing a lack of energy, a lack of effort, a lack of caring, concern, regard or responsibility! (Grace) not her given name, is one of about fifteen million […]

My journey through “ecom”!

My modest upstart in the world of Internet marketing has been interesting, frustrating and so far bears little fruit! Why on Earth would I thoroughly enjoy Blogging? One of my first topics “Amid Northern Lights, A Rising Star” was about my amazing daughter, her chosen degree / profession and passion. Blogging is a great way […]

Amid Northern Lights, A Rising Star!

This angel has barely left her teens behind, traveled in two hemispheres, doing charity work for orphaned children, vocalized many genres of music since learning to walk! Emelie Watson: A voice of clarity, purity and passion, a winning, even disarming smile, that draws friends and strangers near, a face that invites conversation and conquers concerns […]