Amid Northern Lights, A Rising Star!

This angel has barely left her teens behind, traveled in two hemispheres, doing charity work for orphaned children, vocalized many genres of music since learning to walk! Emelie Watson: A voice of clarity, purity and passion, a winning, even disarming smile, that draws friends and strangers near, a face that invites conversation and conquers concernsContinue reading “Amid Northern Lights, A Rising Star!”

Low head dams; “The drowning machine”. Here’s how it works!

Sadly in my home state of Indiana 10% of drowning deaths are people who are trapped in the deadly negative current of a “Low head dam”. Nationwide 340 people have fallen victim to the drowning machine since 1980. Low head dams are designed to maintain the water levels during the dry months so that fishContinue reading “Low head dams; “The drowning machine”. Here’s how it works!”