Where are the “Stone Age Heroes” ?

Where are the “Stone Age Heroes”?
The Dinosaurs and Stone agers? Aka; “Stonies” When ( Stone Age EMS on FB) popped into my brain 08/11/11; I was thinking about the men I saw blasting through my ‘Hood’ on the east side of Indy in hearse type ambulances and International Harvester Travelall ambulances when I was between 8 and 10 years old. Those men, (sorry ladies it was 1962) were my hero’s just like my brothers were.

These men had only a first aid certificate, if that! All of us “ Stonies” know that had to be totally frustrating, while also knowing that advanced skills mean so little if the basics are overlooked! And any or all of those original skills singularly or in combination can maintain or save a life. These Red Cross heroes had so much spirit, drive and a mission for their field practice. But to face morbidity and mortality with only a handful of tools and treatments took amazing courage.

If you are one of those who practiced EMS “Oldschool” before Eisenhower, Ralph Nader, AAOS, the short spine board, Hare Traction, MAST and Johnny and Roy then please allow the rest of us to take one step back to give you the spotlight. Also please make us aware of those heroes who are departed. They laid the stone path for Stone Age EMS and on into the future. The purpose being to celebrate where we (EMS) came from, where we went and where we are going. My oldest brother was one of those heroes while my next oldest brother, a hero as well, was in Vietnam in the excellent company of the U.S.M.C. Both of these men are humble about their public service and sacrifice.
For the historians among us, please write all you like about the military contribution to modern medicine. By the time Dwight and Ralph figured out that cars were killing us, battlefield medicine had long noted that fractures, with resulting hemorrhage, caused mortality more often than any other cause. How about a paragraph? “Likes” are “ggrreeaaatt ” but we would all like to see on paper, the footprints whereon you or one of your heroes walked so tall, leaving the Stone Age trail for us to follow! ​

Love​ ​to​ ​All!

Harry Watson; NREMT 12025, IN.4907208  Medic retired.