“Making a living by breathing” Seriously?

Way back then…..;

When I discovered an internet add describing “affiliate marketing” ; as receiving links to post from a marketing type person I was intrigued!

Ad copy: I make an extra $47.00 a day posting links. Even then the bait ended in seven!

The Links were to be copied and pasted where the instructions indicated. I really can’t recall what year that was. I was still quite busy as a Paramedic in Indianapolis, Indiana. It seemed as I read about this alternative income that it might be a nice relaxing way to make extra money on a day off ! After all I was heavily obligated to a brand new three bedroom, two car garage, bi-level house! This newly constructed home; I watched them build it!, cost me a whopping $36,000 with a “salty” payment of $368.00 per month! With what I now know I suspect the “Posting links  ad was designed to build an email list. I discovered this add several years after the house was built. By then the payment was quite manageable as I had gained a promotion and greater income and the internet was still  a new baby!


I remember visualizing myself casually looking through MSN, Yahoo and AOL for people who would be receptive to me leaving an email that contained a link. Then I visualized getting nasty returns from those same people. When I added up the people and multiplied by the proposed fee, dependent on if people accepted the offer, I decided to just take my days off, OFF!

That was, I guess, the infancy of affiliate marketing along with the infancy of the Internet. I have wanted to blog for a long time. I won’t profess expertise just desire. When I started my blog last year I felt nostalgic. Thoughts of my train trip to Seattle years ago gave me even more warm and fuzzy feelings. My first blog post above was entitled “Making a living by breathing” While I was writing about this walk down memory lane of mine I naturally included my trip(s) to Skaneateles in upstate New York!

So, by combining all those wonderful memories of time, place ,and wonderful persons I assumed that Internet Marketing was still a small quiet and peaceful endeavor for a young person to make an extra $47.00 a day! Could I have been more wrong? Not in a lifetime. Since the fall of 2017 I have seen the amazingly complex phrenetic and competitive world of affiliate marketing There are far more companies and entrepreneurs in this space known as Affiliate Marketing than ever before. Because of shortcuts and cheating each other out of business, every aspect of this army of computer experts has been a blur of change,innovation and growth
OK the only accurate thing to say is they were stealing each other blind. For more on this I turn to the expertise of a pioneer in affiliate sales,  Marcus Campbell. Many of you know his prolific marketing tools as well as frequent webinars. Marcus is well known for his marketing success, his creative search methods and his downhome presentation style broadcast from his backyard studio/ office.

His mission : 1. To inform new marketers of the components of a market opportunity.

  1. To show new marketers how to maximize ROI

A Semantic search, different words better results

  1. back doors, backlinks, back rubs, big cigars!

From Marcus I learned that affiliate marketing now is more competitive and cut throat than ever before! Why? They were all fighting over a billion dollar pie. New methods, new software, which is developed everyday, help newcomers and experts alike. And the experts sell their creations to the newcomers along with informative webinars and web courses.

So despite the similarities, the differences from “posting links” to “How to make $1000,000 a year” are drastic. Gone is the trust. Posted links could be stolen, deleted, replaced or used to divert fees to another marketer.

So I will never see that ad copy again. I can still work on my ecommerce pursuits on the train but with the knowledge that ecommerce will continue to evolve. What the public may not realize is that marketers now are fighting over a multi-billion dollar pie. More importantly a marketer can sell thousands of a given item while sleeping. The same number of sales of that given item by sales associates who have benefits and  a breakroom could take months at a much greater cost. Since brick and mortar stores still need salespersons there will still be jobs. Marketers

This post is a milestone. My ecom journey is in it’s infancy. I will continue to post about ecom. So at some point my experience may be useful to someone else.


Harry Shawn Watson



Where are the “Stone Age Heroes” ?

Where are the “Stone Age Heroes”?
The Dinosaurs and Stone agers? Aka; “Stonies” When ( Stone Age EMS on FB) popped into my brain 08/11/11; I was thinking about the men I saw blasting through my ‘Hood’ on the east side of Indy in hearse type ambulances and International Harvester Travelall ambulances when I was between 8 and 10 years old. Those men, (sorry ladies it was 1962) were my hero’s just like my brothers were.

These men had only a first aid certificate, if that! All of us “ Stonies” know that had to be totally frustrating, while also knowing that advanced skills mean so little if the basics are overlooked! And any or all of those original skills singularly or in combination can maintain or save a life. These Red Cross heroes had so much spirit, drive and a mission for their field practice. But to face morbidity and mortality with only a handful of tools and treatments took amazing courage.

If you are one of those who practiced EMS “Oldschool” before Eisenhower, Ralph Nader, AAOS, the short spine board, Hare Traction, MAST and Johnny and Roy then please allow the rest of us to take one step back to give you the spotlight. Also please make us aware of those heroes who are departed. They laid the stone path for Stone Age EMS and on into the future. The purpose being to celebrate where we (EMS) came from, where we went and where we are going. My oldest brother was one of those heroes while my next oldest brother, a hero as well, was in Vietnam in the excellent company of the U.S.M.C. Both of these men are humble about their public service and sacrifice.
For the historians among us, please write all you like about the military contribution to modern medicine. By the time Dwight and Ralph figured out that cars were killing us, battlefield medicine had long noted that fractures, with resulting hemorrhage, caused mortality more often than any other cause. How about a paragraph? “Likes” are “ggrreeaaatt ” but we would all like to see on paper, the footprints whereon you or one of your heroes walked so tall, leaving the Stone Age trail for us to follow! ​

Love​ ​to​ ​All!

Harry Watson; NREMT 12025, IN.4907208  Medic retired.